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ARKA Elevators


ARKA Elevators work itself as sole Proprietorship company in Hyderabad. our company manufacturing and supply of all kinds Building lift. Elevators doors lift cabins. lift gear machines. lift ceilings. We are dealing all kinds off lifts like: 1. Commercial elevators. 2. Swing Door elevators. 3. Sliding Door elevators. 4. Auto Door Passenger elevators. 5. Manual Door Passenger Elevators. 6. Capsule Passenger elevators. 7. Traction Goods Lifts. 8. Passenger Traction lifts. 9. Electric Traction Passenger lift. 10. Home lifts (Residential Lifts).

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The Vertical transportation system for modern hospitals have special requirements such as spacious & durable car, smooth & comfortable travel, accurate stop with emergency control features and above all, reliability with safety. The car dimensions are as per the Indian Standard requirements for Hospital lifts. We have proficiency in producing a broad range of stretcher lifts that can be fitted in a stretcher or medical component with no trouble. Main features of these lifts are used for hospital purpose, modified as per client specifications, the best possible performance, and smooth operation. These stretcher lifts are mostly employed in hospitals & nursing homes.
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